The Complete Vendor Evaluation Toolkit for Health Tech Companies

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The Complete Vendor Evaluation Toolkit is an all-encompassing guide designed for health tech companies navigating the process of evaluating and selecting technology vendors. This comprehensive resource offers a systematic methodology, empowering organizations to make well-informed and strategic choices in their technological collaborations within the healthcare sector.

What’s inside

  1. Introduction to Vendor Evaluation:
    Understanding the significance of selecting the right tech vendor.
  2. Preparation Checklist:
    Steps for preparing your organization for the vendor evaluation process.
  3. Vendor Research Template:
    25 core information you have to collect on potential vendors.
  4. How to Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide
    An extensive list of 40 questions to help you evaluate and choose the most compatible health tech vendor.
  5. Evaluation Scorecard:
    A customizable tool for rating vendors on various criteria.
  6. Demo and Trial Checklist:
    28 Checkboxes to navigate you when evaluating health tech vendors.
  7. Reference Check Template:
    24 Questions to help you decide whether the vendor can provide necessary protection for sensitive health data.
  8. Compliance and Security Assessment:
    Assessing a vendor's adherence to healthcare regulations and data protection measures.
  9. Steps and Strategies for Successful Negotiation:
    Tips for negotiating contract terms, pricing, and SLAs.
  10. Final Selection and Implementation Plan:
    Steps for the final vendor selection and planning of the implementation process.
  11. Vendor Management Best Practices:
    Strategies for managing the ongoing relationship with the vendor.

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