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Custom IT solutions for companies in the finance sector that are looking to optimize processes, better handle sensitive data, tackle fraud, and automate workflows under industry - specific regulatory standards.

End-to-end software development                services for

We build leading technological solutions using the latest tech to better optimize your most important processes, remove blockers from your everyday work, improve the security of your data, and enhance customer experiences.

Inviggo handles every stage of the software development cycle - from ideation and design to development, testing, and maintenance.

We build turnkey solutions and make an immediate impact on the success of your business!
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Whom do We Help?

How we Work

turnkey solutions
We do everything from
the discovery phase and proof of concept to company-wise deployment.
We build a team of highly qualified developers, UX/UI designers, testers, and PMs.
We provide expertise in a field where you lack talent or personnel.
We build a team for a specific project,
based on the requirements.

Our Area of Expertise

Custom Fintech Software Solutions for Both Desktop
and Mobile that Leverage the Power of Big Data and Next-Gen Analytics
Solutions that leverage the power of big data and analytics to help with managing, migrating, storing, replicating, extracting, analyzing the most important data effectively.

We use leading data management technologies to ensure that the most important information is properly organized, stored, and secure.
Custom, Next-Gen Digital Payment Solutions
We build custom digital payment solutions that revolutionize financial services.

Our developers have been successful in creating everything from payment gateways to digital mobile wallets and online banking applications.
Regtech Solutions
We build financial software that complies with all the latest industry-specific regulations.

Our developers have proven experience and success in creating automated regtech solutions, such as risk management software, fraud detection systems, and identity management tools.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-based Solutions
Our developers leverage the power of the latest crypto and blockchain best practices to produce solutions for businesses that enable anonymous requests and payments in cryptocurrency with real money involved only at the input and output stages.

What Can We Build for You?

We are trusted partner for building custom fintech software solutions that are compliant with the all industry regulations.

Our solutions rely on the latest cloud computing tech and sophisticated, automated machine learning algorithms that help bring relevant insights to the table that move business processes forward and help bring outstanding insights forward.

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