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Given the shifting nature of businesses in the current environment, it’s hard for companies to find outsourcing IT partner that is willing to commit to resources solely to one project at a time. Inviggo is that type of partner.

We create and deliver end-to-end  IT solutions for customer around the globe

Inviggo is a company that specializes in developing high-quality web and mobile solutions by combining leading talent with leading technology.

We work hard to carefully grow and nurture our team. As a company, we have decided to prioritize controlled over relentless growth. We pride ourselves on the quality of work and the level of
customer care we provide.
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The Tech we Use

We invest continuously in the professional development of people that stand behind Inviggo.

Within our ranks, we have professionals who are masters of JavaScript (React, Node.js) and
Python, among other things. The list of technologies we use is substantial (see below).

Why Should You Opt for an Outsourcing Partners Vs Building a Team In-House?

Optimizing expenses and getting direct access to the
expertise you probably lack in-house
In addition to being super hard to hire developers, managing
them and keeping them engaged is now an area where more businesses struggle. That’s one of the core reasons why
companies now work with specialized outsourcing companies like Inviggo that have talented developers in the ranks to rent out and manage on a project-by-project basis.
Outsourcing eliminates payroll taxes
Not only do you save money on hiring additional recruiters and promoting job ads across multiple platforms, but you also save a decent amount of money by not paying taxes on additional salaries. And gives the state of the market and how much developers make (especially senior ones), the taxes on those salaries are not something businesses don’t feel.
Project management gets easier
Since every project comes with a manager responsible for respecting the deadlines, you don’t have to worry about the status of your project. The PM reports directly to you and gives you regular status updates to easily track how the project is developing. As a POC, your job is to make high-level decisions, set expectations, track milestones, and wait until your outsourcing partner completes the project.
Your team is given the opportunity to learn first-hand from the experts in the field
When you work with a specialized outsourcing company, you are given a direct line of communication with people who have lots of experience doing various projects.
Your team is given more space to focus on their areas of genius
By outsourcing projects that are not a great fit for the personnel you have in-house and their skills, you’re doing your team and company a favor. All less critical operations that are not directly tied to your core business can be conducted by specialized service prosviders outside organizations. Organize your work, and the jobs that need to be done effectively by properly assigning the right work to the right people!

What Sets Inviggo Apart from Other IT
Outsourcing Companies?

Inviggo is an end-to-end software development partner. We do everything from ideation, project scoping, team organization, to the development, testing, and maintenance of the solution you entrust us to build and maintain for you.

We have highly agile and efficient business processes which are specifically designed to achieve faster time-to-market and provide round-the-clock exceptional customer service right for your partnership with us.

Our team is fully rounded and contains the right personnel (developers, UI/UX experts, QA and architects) needed to execute the idea from start to finish.


It is important to ensure that the right methodology is in place for the right project. We at Inviggo prioritize Scrum and Kanban, but we’re open to working differently if the customer prefers it.


The communication is always transparent and frequent. We do daily meetings, update tickets in Jira - everything you need to keep up with the current state of the project.

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We will take care of your project at every stage of your growth: from idea and concept, through design, development, and maintenance.

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