Custom Software

Custom-tailored, industry-specific, web, mobile, and desktop software solutions for improving the quality or your business operations and customer satisfaction.

Custom Software Development will enable you faster development

The superior software development skills that Inviggo can bring to your business will enable you
to fix all your IT-related issues, prepare your team for growth, unlock new opportunities, and give
you the space needed to focus on your areas of genius.

We build everything from labor-management platforms to digital workflows and fail-safe security systems. We help modernize legacy systems, conceptualize and execute out-of-the-box solutions, consolidate application portfolios, and integrate software into existing IT systems.
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Types of Custom Software
Solution We Deliver

Corporate or inner-organizational software
Solutions that automize enterprise-level processes and enable efficient data flows across the departments. We’re talking here about ERP, CM/HRM, and similar solutions.
Department-specific solutions
Products with specific features that cover the needs of a particular department within your company, like a CRM.
Specific business operation fixers
Solutions for unique, industry-specific challenges. We build products that optimize time-consuming, complicated processes that are done by hand in specific organizations.
Customer-centric solutions
Products that help deliver better customer experiences. These are usually solutions like mobile banking apps and patient portals.

How We Group the Solutions We Provide

Responsive Web Apps

We specialize in creating web apps that are able to fit their contents based on the form factor of the type of device they appear on. In layman’s terms. the apps we create automatically resize the browser viewport size to the smallest width and adjust the browser window to the largest width, based on the web browser a user is using to access it.

Custom Desktop App Development

We are keeping pace with the most up-to-date tech and our client portfolio stands as proof that our track record in developing complex desktop applications for a variety of platforms is flawless.

Our methodology here is simple: once we meet with the customer, we discuss and lock down the project objectives and work hard to conceptualize the best solution in terms of functionality, extensibility, and maintainability.

Custom Mobile App Development

We offer our mobile app development expertise as both stand-alone services and as parts of the full-cycle mobile app development. Meaning, you can reach out for full development or more focused assistance in areas like mobile app design, backend development, QA, and ideation/consulting.

Custom App Development Consulting Services

Consulting is also a part of our offering. We at Inviggo offer tech consulting services to companies that are struggling to identify the best execution strategy for their project. As part of this service, we analyze the project in question, what you’re trying to achieve, and propose the most efficient way you could execute your idea with the resources you currently have in-house.

We help you develop an approach that best utilizes your budget and talent for the development of a product that will bring you great ROI.

Is Custom Software Development The
Right Solution for You?

Probably. We can help you determine if whether or not to invest in the creation of custom IT solutions.

Our experts are always willing to consult potential customers and help them figure out what’s the best solution for the problem they’re trying to fix.

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