Software Development Services for Healthcare Businesses

Custom IT solutions for companies in the medical/healthcare space that are looking to optimize processes, better handle sensitive data, educate patients, and automate workflows under industry-specific regulatory standards.

End-to-end software development services for

healthcare providers
pharmaceutical companies
digital health startups
medical device manufacturers
We build safe, regulatory compliant, next-gen solutions to better optimize your most important processes, remove blockers from your everyday work, improve the security of your data, and enhance customer experiences.

From ideation and design to development, testing and maintenance - we offer expertise in every stage of the software development cycle.
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Whom do We Help?

Software Product Companies and Medical Device

For companies in this field, we offer in-depth market niche expertise and custom software development that improves subscription plan designs, builds scalable IT architecture and API integrations (e.g., with EHR), modern UX and UI solutions (for doctors, nurses, patients, etc.), all in accordance to HIPAA, HITECH, FDA regulations.

Healthcare Organizations and Pharmaceutical

For businesses in this space, we build stronger IT architecture that enables a better, more flexible IT ecosystem. In addition to that, we build custom IT solutions that optimize daily operations, enable better user training for doctors, nurses, and administrators (again, all HIPAA and HITECH compliant).

How we Work

turnkey solutions
We do everything from
the discovery phase and proof of concept to company-wise deployment and ongoing maintenance.
We build a team of highly qualified developers, UX/UI designers, testers, and PMs.
We provide expertise in a field where you lack talent or personnel.
We build a team for a specific project,
based on the requirements.

Our Area of Expertise

As the healthcare industry continues to involve and lean more on tech to optimize processes and better handle the customer-facing side of work, we at Inviggo continue to specialize in the following fields that have proven successful for modernizing key, clunky operations and establishing stronger, more reliable software infrastructure that enables businesses to innovate and improve their core services.
  • AI and ML
    We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to augment human abilities in executing complex medical-related tasks.
  • Big Data
    We use the power of big data and analytics to empower our customers to drive their strategic thinking and decision-making in the right direction.

    This data-informed approach helps our customers optimize costs, increase the quality of customer service, and build better processes.
  • Cloud technology
    We build solutions that offer faster data flow for healthcare service providers and better system uptime (that’s in sync with the latest security and compliance standards).

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So far, we have revolutionized and optimized pharmaceutical workflows and enabled better patient engagement for our customers by delivering more personalized and secure experiences.

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