Inviggo Year in Review 2023

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Well, this was a tough one. 

The IT industry started 2023 with a new lease on life and big plans for the future. The AI ecosystem was maturing and LLMs were growing in popularity, but at the same time, we witnessed unexpected collapses of big industry players. The Silicon Valley Bank scandal, the FTX downfall, and failed re-branding strategies among social media giants uncovered just how vulnerable the tech sphere is.  

To navigate the crisis, companies announced their plans to “restructure”, a term that, in practice, translated to “cutbacks”. By the year’s end, over 240,000 people were laid off in favor of efficiency

But what about us? 

At the start of Q2, we talked about the importance of building a resilient team and, fortunately, we followed our own advice. 

We acknowledged the uncertainty and worked towards building a “stable team capable of adjusting to the ever-changing business ecosystem”. While our growth rate was not as high as the previous year and we took on fewer new projects, our existing relationships grew stronger and we pulled through without cutbacks

The time has come to gather around our Christmas tree to make resolutions for the year to come, but also remember all the great things that happened in the one we’re leaving behind us.

So what happened in 2023?

Project and the Team

Inviggo 2023 in Numbers

While nearly everyone in the industry decided to put a pause on new activities and investments, we built 2 new partnerships with innovators in the healthcare sector.

We also expanded and reorganized our internal teams to continue successful work on projects we kicked off in the previous years.

Honorary mention: Zenegy, an open banking fintech solution that has been our partner for 2 years. During that time, we helped build an app to handle the main accounting and management functions for an ERP planning system and, to this day, ensure it is up and running with no hiccups or downtime.  

Our team grew

The Inviggo team grew across departments and has been reinforced with the addition of:

  • 4 new developers (Jovan, Jovana, Kristian, Milorad)
  • 1 marketing specialist to maximize Selfnest reach (Teodora)

We’ve also cultivated strong relationships with external collaborators and have expanded our network by bringing on board 2 sales professionals (Jug, Karo) to help us drive growth and secure new clients.

Internship program

We kept our dedication to talent development alive through an ongoing internship program but, this time, with a little twist. For three months, the Inviggo offices were home to an international intern Ida, a young marketer and business developer from Sweden. While she helped us with strategic brand positioning and lead generation, we provided her with a platform to test and grow her skillset. 

Website Redesign

We finally clicked with 2 creatives, a designer Mihajlo and illustrator Lazar, who truly understood our brand image and possess the expertise to translate it into a captivating website seamlessly. But why don’t you take a sneak peek to see the final result of our hard and inspiring work here

Events and Activities

The Inviggo team is committed to fostering a strong, healthy, educational, and supportive company culture. We’ve built a hybrid work environment, allowing our people to work outside the office 2 days a week and create a better work-life balance. But to maintain strong in-person relationships and high satisfaction levels, we organize casual and learning activities:

Inviggo 2023 office life

  • Weekly Wednesday Lunch gathers our entire hybrid team in the office for a lunch date, and our two external associates who deliver on their promise every week, making our mid-week lunch special: Tvoja Pilja and Office Bite.
  • Learning Thursdays are organized for the 2nd year in a row to provide a platform for anyone on the team to share their expertise on industry-specific matters, address common questions, and engage in productive discussions. 
  • Casual Fridays are still our pizza and pie days
  • Quarterly anniversaries celebrate long-term bonds, and Tulip is the one responsible for making the day extra sweet! 

Inviggo 2023 Team Building

But in addition to our weekly, monthly, and quarterly gatherings, we try to get a bit more creative and  

  • To celebrate Inviggo’s 3rd birthday, we gathered at the office for an intimate cocktail party (sneak peak)
  • Tara rafting weekend was a testament to the strength of our team’s bonds (check our travel diary)
  • Slikaj i cirkaj allowed us to get in touch with our creative side (check how creative we are)
  • We unleashed our creativity most when we gathered around the Christmas tree to share our New Year’s resolutions


We recognize the role knowledge plays in innovation and continue to prioritize our team’s skill growth. Some of the most notable courses, conferences, and skill-building activities we took part in this year include:

Inviggo 2023 Education

  • Bi-annual evaluations, a chance for each developer to meet with our Tech Lead and General Manager to discuss their progress, technical achievements, and future goals.
  • English language course for our employees in collaboration with
  • Cloud Certificate for our colleagues Nikola and Andrea, and Cloud Learning groups
  • BalCCon2k23 - System Failure Conference attended by our Tech Lead
  • BDD 14: Mental Health, Preventing Burnout, and Recovery, where our CEO Aleksandra contributed as one of the panelists.

In-house Projects

We also spent a good deal of our time developing in-house projects: 

  • Selfnest, which has occupied a special place in our hearts since day one. The app is finally in production, has its first batch of live users, and is available for download on Google Play Store.
  • Babybloom, a new in-house project we started earlier this year. The idea was born in the earliest months of our CEO’s pregnancy when she couldn’t find a concise and adequate solution that would help her track weekly pregnancy progress and get the info on what to expect when expecting. In collaboration with Marinush who will be the chief designer, the app will feature essential graphs and key characteristics of pregnancy parameters, along with a ton of educational content written and published by field experts.
Inviggo 2023 charitable activities

Giving back to the community

Like last year, we were a part of several charitable events and activities:

  • Participated and donated to the HIIT tournament
  • Took part in the “Vertikalna Bašta” project for the 2nd year in a row, in collaboration with “Zeleni Sad”
  • Crafted Christmas gift packages for kids from a local shelter, packed with sweets and school supplies