Inviggo Year in Review: Vol. 2022

Another year, another million things to celebrate.

This time, we finally feel like we’re back to the old normal, but with a new lease on life. 

And as we gather in the lounge to decorate the office tree, we gather our thoughts and reminisce about the past 12 months. Though it seems like time just flew by, we can honestly say we’ve done a lot this year! 

We’ve grown in every way possible: we started working on 10 new projects, got more than 10 new colleagues at the office; we tapped into new markets and built products for industries like art, culture, music, video streaming, real estate, SaaS - and many, many more! We learned so much from our in-house peers and peeps we met at some of the biggest 2022 industry events. 

Inviggo invested in both internal development and made sure we contributed to local and regional causes.

It’s time to wrap our Secret Santa gifts and wrap up 2022 with lots of great memories.

We are incredibly proud of everyone on our team - we wouldn’t have been here without you.