Inviggo Year in Review

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To our fellow colleagues, partners, clients, and friends…

First of all, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! 

Just like 2020, this last year challenged us in every possible way. Kept us physically and mentally isolated, oftentimes prevented us from enjoying our favorite things in life. 

Heck - it prevented us from doing everyday activities we couldn’t imagine our routine without. 

That is why we channeled our energy into making something great; things that would help people overcome the hurdles brought upon us; physical and mental. 

The Inviggo team made sure that the products we built provide access to the help you need to get back on your feet and take back control.

Let us tell you a bit about what we did this year; what we worked on, how we contributed to the community, what we did for our own people, and what we plan to do next.

What We’re Proud of

Now this is a tough one as we’re happy to say that we’ve accomplished all our 2021 goals. But if we had to summarize, we’d like to highlight the fact that we:

  • managed to remain industry-focused and expand our knowledge in the healthcare and fintech fields;
  • brought in a full-time psychotherapist who offers consulting services to all of our employees, whenever and on whatever subject;
  • successfully launched our first in-house project that’s about to bring numerous benefits to the local community.

Most importantly, we’re proud of every single person on our team. Their unique skills and character traits are what really helped build the Inviggo brand and establish it as a dependable, trustworthy, and innovative outsourcing partner.   

What about you? Any New Year’s eve resolutions?

Any we can help you with? ;) 

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