Case Study: Healthcare Web Application

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The Inviggo team is proud to announce that we have played a part in creating a practical solution for a healthcare provider who needed to meet the demands of the pandemic-hit market. We have successfully completed a healthcare application development project, enabling thousands of users to take care of their home delivery prescriptions.


Industry: Healthcare

Compatibility: All modern browsers (and Internet Explorer 11)

Market: United States

Technologies: React with Gatsby, Node JS, Nest JS, MySql, Google Cloud Services

About the company and the project

The company’s mission is to participate in the continual improvement of the healthcare system to help individuals and entire communities. Their main focus is on reshaping the healthcare system to create resources that will answer the public’s immediate demands. A large portion of their work is directed towards helping those who experienced the greatest struggles due to the impact of the pandemic. The company approached Inviggo to create a responsive web application that will serve as an easy and practical way to manage prescriptions, as well as obtain prescription medications safely and conveniently.

Project duration

The application was built from scratch in less than 3 months. Upon project completion, Inviggo developers continued to work on constant maintenance and necessary upgrades to keep the application up and running efficiently. Since then, we built an additional set of crucial features intended to answer users’ growing demands and further improve the in-app experience.

The goal

The goal of the project was to build a responsive web application that would enable users to purchase, from the comfort of their homes, medications, vitamins, supplements, as well as other important medical supplies like thermometers, pulse oximeters, breastfeeding equipment, and more.

While the demand for such solutions grew steadily over the past several years, the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 only further accentuated the need for contactless medical and pharmaceutical services.

The web application was developed as a cutting-edge telehealth tool that will help promote long-distance healthcare and medicine administration. The idea was to enable people who are geographically isolated or medically vulnerable to manage their prescription medications without having to visit their doctor or go to the pharmacy. In that way, they would comply with any governmental recommendations and restrictions, and stay safe without being denied necessary medical care.

The application was also built to comply with the A11Y standard. This means that we strived to create a web app that would be accessible to people with disabilities, more precisely, to answer the needs of users with damaged eyesight.

Application development challenges

The Inviggo development team takes a personalized approach to each venture. Years of individual experience taught us that no two web application development projects are alike and each demands a high degree of dedication. Furthermore, we are always ready to combat potential difficulties that come with every new project we take up.

For this healthcare application development challenge, we had to find the most adequate solutions that would allow us to deal with:

  • Short deadline
    Due to the urgency of the situation imposed by the global pandemic, Inviggo was faced with a short deadline. As previously stated, the application was built from the ground up in 3 months. Generally speaking, it takes between 6 and 9 months to build an application like this one that would include all the necessary features, ensure these features deliver optimal performance, and comply with the necessary standards.
  • Professional team assembly
    To offer satisfactory results with such time constraints, Inviggo had to gather a team of experienced developers who would be able to commit to a project right away and work around the clock to meet the demands.
  • Use of a specific set of technologies
    In this case, the client provided a list of technologies that were necessary for the creation of the web app, which is why it was crucial to employ a skilled and knowledgeable team. While our developers had experience working with the technology in question, they still had to get a deeper understanding of the specific cadences/versions the client chose in order to utilize most of its available features.
  • Third-party integrations
    Specific features offered by an application required integration with third-party services, such as payment services, tax calculation, postal address verification, etc. In addition to finding the best way to integrate these key services with the application, our developers had to be mindful of the rules and restrictions that are imposed on the U.S. market, for which the app was mainly built.

    Most notably, they had to consider different address types defined by the United States Postal Services (individual, rural, international, post office box, military, and other address types) which was a crucial factor when it came to enabling shipping services. It is also important to mention that certain states don’t allow shipments that contain hazardous materials, some of which can be found in the medications that are intended for shipment.
  • Building an application to satisfy tech and non-tech savvy users
    This mobile app offers services to a wide range of users. What we had to account for was the fact that a large portion of the target audience is not tech-literate. In other words, the application features and options had to be understandable, user-friendly, and easy-to-access, as well as optimized for the visually-impaired.

Approach & technology stack

Although the Inviggo team was faced with a short deadline, we remained detail-oriented. We strived to be as thorough as possible, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s every step of the way. Despite the time constraint, we dedicated a lot of time to advance our knowledge and perfect our skills. We knew that it was the only way to obtain the highest level of expertise which was crucial if we were to work with the selected set of technologies and their specific versions.

Based on the features we had to create and the performance that had to be achieved, the client strategically chose particular versions of the following tech:

  • React with Gatsby
  • Node JS
  • Nest JS
  • MySql
  • Google Cloud Services


$500.000,00 in revenue within the first week of launching
Functional and responsive web application
Minimalistic and user-friendly interface and navigation

The final product was a healthcare web app compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, etc). It was also optimized for all screen sizes to offer a seamless experience on mobile browsers. The entire application was built in less than 3 months and already in the first week after the official launch, the app generated $500.000,00 in revenue. To this day, the client continues to obtain steady revenue owing to the long-term commitment on our part which involves regular maintenance, as well as work on necessary upgrades and additional features to answer growing public demands.

The results prove that Inviggo managed to build an intuitive, practical, and responsive web application that anyone can learn to use quickly. Since the project completion, the Inviggo development team grew by 50% and we continue to work on improvements and advancements of the application.

Key features

Taking into account target users and challenges the company previously attempted to combat, Inviggo focused on designing an application that will come with:

  • Simple navigation to enable exceptional user experience both for those who are and are not tech-savvy.
  • Minimalistic and clean design with large and visible buttons so that visually-impaired and users who are not as digitally competent can get around the application on their own smoothly.
  • Clearly listed options to order, track and compare prescription medications in one place, from any place, and at any time.

Aside from the strategically-chosen design of the app interface, we integrated great features which answer the present-day needs of all users who need undisrupted access to their prescription medication, and more:

  • Medication prices comparison
  • Access to order and delivery information
  • The view of up to 12 months history of spending on home deliveries
  • Home delivery prescription management
  • Sign up option for new prescriptions
  • Option to send your doctor a request for prescription renewal
  • Long-term prescription delivery option
  • Medication reminder
  • Medication dosage management
  • List of local in-network pharmacies